Where in the world is Minoru Takahashi?

I beseech thee, interwebs and all who trawl them…open up and spill your secrets of the life and times of the diminutive actor who helped bring my fave monster to stompin’, smackin’, shimmyin’ life!

I launched one of my semi-annual searches for info on TM over the past week, and have come up dry, dry, dry…even the great Herr Ragone, in his years of research, has apparently never come across anything on Takahashi.

If any of you dear readers have some info to share, please do, by all means! I’d like to know any facts at all of his life and work, and of course it would be fantastic to find any comments from Takahashi himself on his experiences as Garamon.

On our old computer (which died some time ago, natch) I had a bookmark to an incredible page of behind-the-scenes Gara-stuff. It was a real treasure trove, with in-progress shots of the suit construction, a couple great pics of suit-designer Ryosaku Takayama’s Gara-notes and drawings, and many wonderful pics of Takahashi hanging out in the suit (with various parts of it on or off), on set and on the lot. Somehow, though I have been digitally squirreling away Gara-material like that for years, I didn’t manage to save those pics at any point (I know, I know…what the hell?!). Mega-bummer. My recent searches for this page have also come up fruitless…so, once again, if anybody knows what I’m talking about, please get in touch!

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Vinyl Riot said...

I think I had that same page with all the Garamon shots bookmarked too, but that was a long time ago!!