The Nerdstrom Collection, Pt. 4

Well, the custom mini-dioramas which I snagged on YJA (mentioned in an earlier post) finally arrived in the mail yesterday…and I can let you know right off the bat that they are two of the most special pieces I’ve had the pleasure of adding to the collection. These are just so much damn fun; the love and care that went into making them shines through. The alterations to the figures used (some fairly extensive repositioning/puttying/repainting) were flawlessly executed; the diorama props employed are top-notch; and the whimsically comic situations they depict are quite inspired. My heartfelt thanks go out to the seller/creator for offering them up!

I realized once I got them in-hand that I probably wouldn’t take better pics of them than the seller used in the auction, so here you go (click the pics- it's worth it to have a look at the bigger versions):

How do you think Kanegon lured Pygmon into the phone booth?
“Hey, check it out! The coin return’s fulla delicious pistachios! No, really, c’mere! Look!”

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