Two great build-ups of the Atragon GK Pygmon kit

Build-up pics of the fantastic Atragon-GK Pygmon kit are showing up here and there; here's a pair of fine examples from Japanese modelers... first, from this blog:

... and from this blog (can I say again how much I love the zipper on the back of this sculpt?):


New Pygmon t-shirt from Aristrist

The clothing company Aristrist is planning to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the start of Ultra Q with a t-shirt featuring Pygmon:

Here is their blog post on the release.

CCP mini Pygmon

CCP previewed this rough mini (6cm) sculpt of Pygmon on their blog on 3/07:

From reading the translated entry, it seems that this guy will come packed as an accessory to their upcoming Red King figure.


Kaiju For Japan

Kaiju collector and customizer Troy Stith is currently organizing the Kaiju For Japan drive. 
Troy is looking for contributions of custom toys and other original kaiju-related art which will be sold online, with all proceeds being sent directly to the Japanese Red Cross.  Over 55 contributors are on board thus far, including some heavy hitters of the custom kaiju world; it's going to be a great selection of goods! 
The proprietor will be contributing this recently completed Ultraman Max Pygmon:

The details of the sale are still being hammered out (it remains to be seen whether pieces will be posted at fixed prices or auctioned), but Troy has set Thursday, 4/14 as the due date for contributions, and Friday, 4/22 as the date of the sale launch.  I'll post further details as they become available; you can also keep an eye on Troy's blog, or email him directly at troystith at hotmail dot com.


My thoughts and prayers are with all sentient beings in Japan as they move through the catastrophe.

Ways to donate to relief efforts:

The Red Cross is accepting relief donations via text.
Texting ASIA to 30333 will make a $5 donation;
texting REDCROSS to 90999 will make a $10 donation; or you can vist this page.

Global Giving is accepting donations- visit their homepage for info.


New Gara-tributes

Perusing one of our fave online forums, I spied this JAW-DROPPING custom by NagNagNag mastermind Shigeru-san (look in the belly):

... which brings to life Coop's Violent Caveman Guts piece from a while back; Coop himself has just completed a disgustingly delightful (poor Akiko!) new piece of GaraNag art:

... which references the utterly great, four-eyed version of the NNN released last year.  I've previously covered the other Gara-colored Nag releases, but not the four-eyes, which is not only a tribute to Garamon in its coloration, but also a nod to M1-GO's extremely popular "dolly-eyes" giant Garamon.  Here's a pic (from Coop's Flickr):

But wait, there's more!
The wonderful Kumon, the first toy from the estimable Dennis Hamann/Shirahama, got a one-off Gara-color treatment for last weekend's big show at Thrash Out (pic from GAKYUDO_GOL-B's Flickr):