Handmade clay Garys

A Japanese Garamon fan shows off some pretty nifty Gara-sculpts on these two blog pages; here's a sample (click to embiggenate):

Dig that crazy face-off shot on the left!


X-Plus gonna make it alright...

Remember how the painted proto shots of this super-sharp Pygmon sculpt made you feel, when they hit the intertubes in the early-early of this year?

Dost thou happen to recall the high level of (unsurprised) dismay we shared upon release of the toy?

Well... take delight once again in those original photos, kids... and stay tuned for cool news from X-Plus...


Nice n' eerie Semi-Ningen shots

Just the way we like 'im...

From here.

Garamon tributes from NagNagNag

There's not much I can really tell you about NagNagNag, or this toy... 'cause I don't really know anything about either.  There's a lot this 116-page (and counting) thread can (and can't) tell you about NagNagNag, and this toy.


Crying Pygmon by Inspire

Coming soon from Inspire... here's what we can glean from the only site that seems to have info on this guy:

- Height: approx 16cm.
- [Ultraman] monster mascot that appeared in [Pigumon] emerged as the 2nd series.
- Height of about 16cm in size small soft Soft Vinyl, squeaking into whistle again of course!
- Phi Phi and sounds by pressing your stomach.
- By all means, please put next to love.

Okay- we will put next to love.