The Nerdstrom Collection, Pt. 10

Pygmon on ice...

Round-up: Interesting Gara-auction pics

Just a couple...first up, a nicer-than-usual build-up of the Bandai styrene kit:

Gotta get around to building mine!
I think I may want to pick up a second kit at some point, and use the spines from it to double the amount of them on a single build...I think that would fill him out nicely and look ver' ver' cool.

Next- okay, this was great to see- wind-up avocado Gary, I believe the manufacturer was called Shinbashi...?

Love it!
I've only seen this toy listed once before, and it's such a great, crazed, hilarious piece.
'Twas snatched up within 8 hours of listing (the buy-it-now price was not at all bad, though still too rich for my blood, at present...oh well...someday...).


The Nerdstrom Collection, Pt. 9

Custom X-Plus Garamon by master pigment-slinger Joe Dunaway...

Round-up: Gara-graphic Greatness, Vol. II

Nice Ultraman Max Pygmon portrait by Kevin Cross:

Holy Fong, I love this one (grabbed from here):

Grabbin' em!
Right outta the air!
Sans thumbs
, even!

Artist unknown...sent over by Alex, natch.


Remind you of anyone?

The Devil Scorpionfish, inspiration to Tohl Narita while he was working on the design for Garamon.


Answers From Alex, Part 17

Our main Garamania answer-man, Alex Wald, comes through again...this time with clarifying info about the shots featured in this post...check it:

I saw your new post today and I have the very item those photos came from. In fact, I recommend you track it down- I got mine on eBay years ago. In case you don't already know, it's a book of photos by Kuge Yasuhide Yasuhide and they are indeed of the Tsuburaya kaiju nuigurumi (costumes) --the real thing. AND all this wonderment is accompanied by a CD of sonic delights by Jackie & the Cedrics, Friends of Dean Martinez, and other purveyors of space/surf rock. Highly recommended!!!!

Awesome, and yes, I will most certainly be obtaining a copy- looks dynamite! I'm very curious to find out when exactly these shots were taken...all of the suits look to be in remarkably good shape; from the look of the Gara-suit, I have to think the snaps were taken post-Ultra Q but pre-Pygmon...


Down with OPG

Other People's Garys...

Knittable ガラモン:

...und mit barf:
Fantastical shot of the RAH Garamon by fellow collector Richard ("bxhtouma"):

Oooh, lord...they don't paint 'em like they useta...
Wondrous Bullmark Garamon from the collection of collector "kaiwi":


The Academy of St. Gary In The Fields....

...conducted by Sir Ningen Semimarriner:

Look...if that photo don't move ya...well, then...I think...maybe we should start seeing other people.

Seriously, can someone please esplain to me, me with my very poor (okay- nonexistent) Japanese, what the hell is happening on these three beguiling pages?

Shot after eerily atmospheric shot of klassic ultra-kaiju, including The Crusty One...and if I'm not mistaken...these are homemade suits?!?
Killin' me....

Here are the other amazing shots of Garamon from the first page...

If these are indeed fan-made, the dedication and craftsmanship is superbly awesome, and I need, in a major way, to get in touch with the maker...