Round-up: Interesting Gara-auction pics

Just a couple...first up, a nicer-than-usual build-up of the Bandai styrene kit:

Gotta get around to building mine!
I think I may want to pick up a second kit at some point, and use the spines from it to double the amount of them on a single build...I think that would fill him out nicely and look ver' ver' cool.

Next- okay, this was great to see- wind-up avocado Gary, I believe the manufacturer was called Shinbashi...?

Love it!
I've only seen this toy listed once before, and it's such a great, crazed, hilarious piece.
'Twas snatched up within 8 hours of listing (the buy-it-now price was not at all bad, though still too rich for my blood, at present...oh well...someday...).

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