Answers From Alex, Part 17

Our main Garamania answer-man, Alex Wald, comes through again...this time with clarifying info about the shots featured in this post...check it:

I saw your new post today and I have the very item those photos came from. In fact, I recommend you track it down- I got mine on eBay years ago. In case you don't already know, it's a book of photos by Kuge Yasuhide Yasuhide and they are indeed of the Tsuburaya kaiju nuigurumi (costumes) --the real thing. AND all this wonderment is accompanied by a CD of sonic delights by Jackie & the Cedrics, Friends of Dean Martinez, and other purveyors of space/surf rock. Highly recommended!!!!

Awesome, and yes, I will most certainly be obtaining a copy- looks dynamite! I'm very curious to find out when exactly these shots were taken...all of the suits look to be in remarkably good shape; from the look of the Gara-suit, I have to think the snaps were taken post-Ultra Q but pre-Pygmon...

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