The Nerdstrom Collection, Pt. 11

Out-of-doors with green Eye Scream Garamon...

"You know, sometimes, when I'm feeling a little glum, a simple stroll 'round the yard is all it takes to perk me up..."

"You gotta stop and smell the flowers..."

"Well... these have no scent... but y'know what I mean."

"Huh... that's rather... spiny..."

"Ucch...yeeh pehuls ah dehini'ly nah e'ible..."

"... aaan... the schemsh ahnt muh beh'uh."

"Hey......... Hey.... HEY."

"Oh, I was just... wonderin'... if you were asleep..."



Beautiful old Garamon mask... pics yanked from a YJA auction some time ago...

This shot of the interior takes the cake, for me:

Redking is a dish...

... best served cold.

Source unknown.


Pyg for Prez

If only... have you heard him talk about his energy plan?!?
"Revolutionary" doesn't begin to describe it...


Scans from 1979 Ultra Q mag

Herr Ragone sent over some great scans from this mag, which he's owned from the time of its original release in '79:

First up, we have a couple of interesting snaps taken at promotional appearances. Not sure if there was actually someone in the suit or not at these events; my guess would be not.

Here's an appearance at the Mukougaoka Playgrounds in Kawasaki (just southwest of Tokyo):

... and here's one at an unnamed department store:

Then we have these great color shots taken on the set of Ultra Q episode 16, "Garamon Strikes Back".

Very cool!


I puzzled over a title for this post...
"Metal Up Your Gary"
"Metalgary: The Destruction of Jared-Syn"

I think I made a good choice, in the end.

This was up on YJA last year for pretty big yen.
Kinda cool... ambitious...

*If you get this reference... I have to ask, have you actually seen that godawful crapfest? If so, you are the only other person I've encountered who has. I partly blame the article about it in Starlog (which made it look... well... interesting enough) for my suggestion to my dad that we go see it...


Vermont Samurai Kaiju Festival

Totally stumbled across the news of this event this morning, while reading the Freeps:

What a surprise... wow!

While I probably won't make it down this weekend (I live a few hours from Brattleboro; too bad- Mothra on the big screen will be a hoot), I applaud their efforts, and hope this first year is a big success for them!



Yes, 'twas on September 4th, a scant 42 years ago, that a certain pygmy monster made his first broadcast appearance, on episode 8 of Ultraman, "The Lawless Monster Zone". This friendly animal proved to a be a selfless little hero and an inspiration to all those who came in contact with him. Plus, damn, could he take a dart-tagging. Didn't even flinch!



PaulKaiju arrives at the party with a dee-licious celebratory custom, done just for the occasion!

Matt Allison presents this fine close-up portrait of The Spiny One!

And NORDBOT provides photo-documentation of some very special proceedings (click it)!

Now... let's have some food!

And music!

(Greasebat manages these guys; contact him directly with booking queries.)

Let's DANCE!

Do your thang, Cousin Gary!

And then we'll dance some more!

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Alright... let's bring it on down, now.... shhhhhhhhh...

all this excitement has tuckered out our guest of honor....


Another mind-blower pops up on YJA

Check it out...this wondrous pulp prize is up now:

Waaaaay too cool.
As you might imagine, it's already been bid up into the realm of Serious Coin, with days to go.

Near as I can tell, this must've been for episode 13; one of the illos seems to be showing His Crustiness standing near the dam. The cover seems to note "Ultra Q 19", so I'm not sure what that's about; a Google translation of the auction's brief description (below) gives me little, other than to tell me of the item's "sallowness", and that someone named "Hotchkiss" (?!) is involved.


What if Garamon's last name is Hotchkiss?

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our favorite biomechanical meteorite monster, your friend and mine, Mr. Gary Hotchkiss!"

UPDATE: August checks in:

"I was going to point this out to you, but you already saw it. But,
that Google translation sucks. Here's a real translation:

"Now, here's an original piece, a picture continuity (storyboard)
book. It is inscribed by the owner, and as you can see, there are
minor blotches and the paper has yellowed. It is stapler-bound. There is no writing on any of the 12 pages, and there are no cuts or missing pages. Printed in blue ink."

BTW, "Hotchkiss" is the Japanese term for "Stapler."

Hope this helps!"

It sure does, dude!

Many thanks!

Greasebat Garamon

More Greasebat magic.
Gara-toy aficionados will easily recognize which particular plastic representation was used as the model.