Baikin's Gara-snaps

Mr. Dennis Hamann (aka Baikin, whose presence first graced these pages almost three years ago, close to the launch of Garamania) has some wonderful Garamon and Pygmon toy pics in his photostream; here are a few good 'uns:

Also, I just learned (quite behind the curve am I on toy news that isn't Garamonically pertinent) that in 2010, Dennis released a vinyl toy of his own (sculpted by Kiyoka Ikeda), the deadly arachnoid eye candy that is Kumon (Yukigumon).


Round-up: Gara-graphic Greatness, Volume IV

Here we go; this one's been building up for a while.... enjoy!

 WTF, Beetlar?!? Come on....

Nordbot strikes again!!

Wish I could remember where this came from, dammit...




What's new?

Well, Marmit released a new version of their giant Garamon at SuperFestival 55 yesterday:

This custom Garamon, by Monster Kolor user Jack Fields, is clowntacularly demented:

Lastly, I, The Proprietor, have a new custom underway- a Bandai Ultraman Max Pygmon I've been dying to work on for some time:

Glastic eyes!
Green interference paint providing a jewel-like sheen that my camera can't adequately capture!
Neodymium magnets embedded in his feet for fridge-stickability!
Stay tuned for finished pics!


New X-Plus Pygmon resin kit is here

... and it's fuggin' great!

I'll post pics when he's all built and painted... stay tuned!