What's new?

Well, Marmit released a new version of their giant Garamon at SuperFestival 55 yesterday:

This custom Garamon, by Monster Kolor user Jack Fields, is clowntacularly demented:

Lastly, I, The Proprietor, have a new custom underway- a Bandai Ultraman Max Pygmon I've been dying to work on for some time:

Glastic eyes!
Green interference paint providing a jewel-like sheen that my camera can't adequately capture!
Neodymium magnets embedded in his feet for fridge-stickability!
Stay tuned for finished pics!


Sara Nordstrom said...

did you do those eyes? he's gorgeous.

Nerdstrom. said...

Yup! Carved out his molded eyes and plugged in doll eyes by Glastic.

Jack said...

Thanks for featuring the Garamon Sprite! Your mini garamon is amazing. I have two mini garamon kits waiting to be built. I'll have to steal the magnet idea so they can be fridged.