Happy 43rd, ガラモン!

Nordbot, you lovable rascal!

Yes, it's here... we've all been waiting with bated breath emanating from foamy, fish-lipped mouths... 43rd anniversary of the broadcast of Gary's first appearance on Ultra Q episode 13, "Garadama"!

So- how did The Proprietor choose to, ah, mark the occasion?

Well... there was a visit to a local flesh-inkery...

Lila gets The Proprietor all unguented up... and the scratchin' begins...

He was a little bored...

Check back for fully-healed revelatory pics on the other big Gara-anniversary, 4/17... bonus points to the geeks who can guess just what I got (I suppose it ain't all that hard... )

Now go watch some Garamon!



HA! Says it all.

This funny lil' line drawing comes across like a some-years-later, hazily partial memory of the Gara-events scrawled on a paper napkin by a member of the Science Patrol, trying to relate the story to a grandkid.
From here.


Ultra Qewl

I'm really excited to share these pics; I had stumbled across this page a long while back, and then completely lost track of it, much to my chagrin. Found it again last week! This person's heavy-hitter line-up of original sculpts of Ultra Q beasties is superb:

The Garamon is terrific and, quite interestingly, resembles nothing so much as a slightly softened version of Eye Scream's 12" toy (to be honest, I prefer this to that toy; this sculpt has a bit more heart... well, the great paint-up helps, too).

Could this page belong to Ken Yokota, and perhaps this sculpt was a less refined take that he later developed into the ES release? I'm almost inclined to think so. The post is dated 12/24/06, so the timing would be right... if I recall correctly, I think the 12"-ers hit in late '07. Also, poke through the other posts- this person sculpts a lot (all of it phenomenal), and much of it ends up in resin... I know that Yokota sculpted gk's for Vice before hooking up with Eye Scream...

Tranlslation tools are not helping at all; if anybody has info, please chime in!


The Nerdstrom Collection, Pt. 12

Has it really been five months since the last Collection post?
Yes, it sure has... and a major purging in between, too...

A bit of rebuilding is occurring, though... and I recently welcomed the two new Yamanaya Garamons into the fold... these guys are translucently marvelous...

He finally did it...

At last PK broke down and decided to turn his pigment and his psi on his beloved big M1 unpainted GiD dolly-eyes Garamon.

Fuggin' fan-freak-a-tastic.

Paul's photostream is always worth a perusal.