Ultra Qewl

I'm really excited to share these pics; I had stumbled across this page a long while back, and then completely lost track of it, much to my chagrin. Found it again last week! This person's heavy-hitter line-up of original sculpts of Ultra Q beasties is superb:

The Garamon is terrific and, quite interestingly, resembles nothing so much as a slightly softened version of Eye Scream's 12" toy (to be honest, I prefer this to that toy; this sculpt has a bit more heart... well, the great paint-up helps, too).

Could this page belong to Ken Yokota, and perhaps this sculpt was a less refined take that he later developed into the ES release? I'm almost inclined to think so. The post is dated 12/24/06, so the timing would be right... if I recall correctly, I think the 12"-ers hit in late '07. Also, poke through the other posts- this person sculpts a lot (all of it phenomenal), and much of it ends up in resin... I know that Yokota sculpted gk's for Vice before hooking up with Eye Scream...

Tranlslation tools are not helping at all; if anybody has info, please chime in!

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