Happy 43rd, ガラモン!

Nordbot, you lovable rascal!

Yes, it's here... we've all been waiting with bated breath emanating from foamy, fish-lipped mouths... 43rd anniversary of the broadcast of Gary's first appearance on Ultra Q episode 13, "Garadama"!

So- how did The Proprietor choose to, ah, mark the occasion?

Well... there was a visit to a local flesh-inkery...

Lila gets The Proprietor all unguented up... and the scratchin' begins...

He was a little bored...

Check back for fully-healed revelatory pics on the other big Gara-anniversary, 4/17... bonus points to the geeks who can guess just what I got (I suppose it ain't all that hard... )

Now go watch some Garamon!