New shades for Garakutagigas

Fresh outta my inbox, Okuda-san shares a new detail on the Garakutagigas: alternate goggles!

That’s right, the finished toy will come with two pairs of swappable specs!
This thing just keeps getting better!

Garakutagigas hits the market next month!


Scratchbuilt mini Garamon

Another great piece of Gara-fan art... this mini scratchbuilt Gary (found here) is superb!

From what I can gather, it was featured in a hobby mag at some point... check out the comparison between it and one of Bandai's Gara-minis:


Takahashi inside!

Oh my god... how cool is this?!?!?
Atelier G-1 Garamon kit build-up painted with beauteous B&W tones... and a Minoru Takahashi head under the Gara-mask!!

Found here... GREAT work, love it!


The X-Plus "Big Garamon" statue...

... is one of the most badass representations of The Spiny One out there, and one of the best things X-Plus has ever done.  We know this.  Let us take a moment to once again bask in the glory of its hefty, monstrously menacing presence, with this great series of snaps (from here):

 "BEHOLD, humans!
The engine of your DOOOOOOOM!!"


Beautiful custom work on an Eye Scream 12" Garamon

The pics (from this fantastic modeling blog) speak for themselves:

A couple of subtle, well-executed modifications and a velvety new paint-up... very well worth the work!
Love it!


Bandai Ultra Q 45 Anniversary three-figure set

Bandai is set to release a sweet mini three-figure set commemorating Ultra Q's 45th, featuring Gomess, Pegila and Garamon!
This is by far my fave Bandai take on Garamon- looking really good!