Bandai Ultra Q 45 Anniversary three-figure set

Bandai is set to release a sweet mini three-figure set commemorating Ultra Q's 45th, featuring Gomess, Pegila and Garamon!
This is by far my fave Bandai take on Garamon- looking really good!


aleX wald said...

This caught me by surprise! Bandai has marketed Garamon with innumerable rereleases of the 1983 sculpt. Looking good, Bandai---definitely time for a change and a welcome addition for Gara-collectors. Hard to tell from the photo if Gomes and Pegila have been revised too. Now if they only had packaged this with a Garadama I'd be delirious!

Nerdstrom. said...

I believe the G & P are brand-new sculpts as well, Alex, and they're both damn nice, too. And I fully agree, it was high time for them to do a new Gara-sculpt, and this one's really satisfying.