What you're hearing is the sound of my head exploding, 'cause this is


I have next to no details on this, other than that it's a garage kit that was released at Wonderfestival Summer '09 this past weekend.


PK shoots AoD

The work of the great PaulKaiju has been featured on Garamania many times before (here, here and here, for example). I'm a huge fan of the guy's work- I have commissioned several pieces from him over the last few years, and they're always amazing. I think highly of him not just as an innovative painter/customizer, but as a synthesist of the old and new toy culture. He really gets it, and you can tell he has a great appreciation of his role in all of it.

When I finished the Ash of Death custom, it hit me like a bolt outta the blue: "I gotta send this to Paul!" Seemed so right- I know he has a love of the character, and I was also psyched to send him a custom piece of my own which I felt so satisfied with.

I was delighted to check in on Paul's Flickr last week to find these super-sweet snaps of AoD!

Cheers, Paul!



"Look, officer..."

"Sir, again, I am not willing to discuss it with you any further at this time. This is NOT a nude beach. End of story. Now, please keep moving."

From Flickr's Ultra fan group.

Great Semi-Ningen and Garamon build-ups

This person did a smashing job on the Kaiyodo Gary, even plugging in acrylic eyes:

... and equally great work on this Semi-Ningen build-up (not sure of the manufacturer of this kit):

This modeler's full gallery of Ultra-Q beastie build-ups can be accessed here- check it out!

Camping with Pygmon!

Great stuff in a very sweet photoset, found here.

Pygmonic forlornitude

Probably because someone else ate the last Lorna Doon...


From here.


Round-up: Gara-graphic Greatness, Vol. III

Funny little graphic from this blog:

Garamonic portrait, found here:

Super-cool drawing... have I posted this one before?

My memory is absolutely horrible, of late... oh well, this drawing's so nice it should be posted twice. Found here.

Papercraft Gary-head on other klassic kaiju bodies:

From here.