PK shoots AoD

The work of the great PaulKaiju has been featured on Garamania many times before (here, here and here, for example). I'm a huge fan of the guy's work- I have commissioned several pieces from him over the last few years, and they're always amazing. I think highly of him not just as an innovative painter/customizer, but as a synthesist of the old and new toy culture. He really gets it, and you can tell he has a great appreciation of his role in all of it.

When I finished the Ash of Death custom, it hit me like a bolt outta the blue: "I gotta send this to Paul!" Seemed so right- I know he has a love of the character, and I was also psyched to send him a custom piece of my own which I felt so satisfied with.

I was delighted to check in on Paul's Flickr last week to find these super-sweet snaps of AoD!

Cheers, Paul!

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