PaulKaiju's Zinclon Garamon

Had a lovely chat with PK last night; apparently, the PK pipeline is full to bursting, and we will be seeing a flood of new work from the man very soon. Coooool!

Here's Paul's classic, scratchbuilt Zinclon Garamon...scary, trap-jawed, missile-packin' Gary!

...and, uh, naturally, a Japanese porn magazine(?!) ran a spot on it:

Stay tuned...it's PK time at Garamania...next up is a Nerdstrom Collection post featuring a dynamite custom duo from the hands of The Master!

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ultralex said...

Ara! I saw the "porno" ad for this so long ago I don't remember where it's from. I've never seen the color shot before. Mr. Paul Kaiju, I take my "kaiju-boshi" off to you! What would it take to make a limited edition of these?