Round-up: Gara-graphic Greatness

From Steve Seeley, a specialist in gentle dementia, we have this squicky, decidedly avian take on Pygmon-innards (well, I’m sayin’ Pygmon innards ‘cause there’s a balloon involved; Steve calls this one Garamon Organs). This may or may not answer a lot of questions about our crusty biomechanical friend:

Vintage Bullmark Gary by Coop…completely classic:

No worries, Dada- Pygmon has got your back in this rooftop detail from Alex Wald’s stupendous Ultra Rumble:

Semi-Ningen (rendered in standard M1-GO color scheme) is one smoothly sinister frydaddy in this piece by Josh Ellingson:

Lastly but far from leastly, here’s one of my all-time fave-rave pieces of Gara-fan art. Great sense of Gara-anatomy; great colors; great marker-strokes…everything about this one just kills (you must click to check out the larger view):

Unfortunately, I have lost track of the source…used to be that this one would come up in every Google image search I did on “Garamon”, but no longer. ”Hissy”, if you’re out there, thanks for your superb work!


Matthew Allison said...

Years ago there was an original Tim Biskup Garamon painting on ebay that I regretfully didn't bid on. This was right around the time he was coming up in the low brow art scene and wasn't nearly as "hot" as he is today so this piece sold for around $50, if my memory serves me.

Still kicking...

Nerdstrom. said...

Ah, dude...I know exactly the one you mean! I was *this close* to including it in this post, but opted to save it for another time. So great...$50?!? I woulda been all over that!