And the Yamanayas keep marching in...

Pics of the third of three Fall 2011 Yamanaya releases hit this morning:

This is another "Revenge Of Garamon" edition, featuring the other chest symbol shown on a Garamon in that episode (it's the astrological symbol for Leo, actually).

Pretty cool... yet, on each of these, there's just a little something about the sprays that keeps me from loving them.  The color combos are tasty, but as I've said, I feel that the accent sprays are heavy-handed; in this case particularly, the green sprays on the legs just come off as disharmonious stripes.  If I got my hands on one of these, I probably wouldn't put it up on the shelf without some significant fixin'....


Three jaw

"This kit will provide a three jaw.
So you say can change the opening of the mouth by the replacement of parts.
Neodymium magnets are embedded in the filtration 差Shishi as replacement parts can be fixed firmly,
We will devise a strong magnetic force easily dislodged."



They always come in pairs...

...so it's no surprise that another new version of the Yamanaya Garamon is set to drop in November:

I like this one, but not quite as much as the September release; on both, actually, I feel that the oversprays on the face and body are a bit heavy-handed. 

Like earlier versions which have sported chest symbols, this one is considered a "Revenge of Garamon" release, the chest symbols being featured in the Ultra Q episode of the same name.