Merry Christmas!

All-Gary Xmas card by Sister Sara.


WANTED: Banpresto Garamon mini

This seemingly obscure mini (my sources say it's by Banpresto, and about 4" tall) popped up on YJP early in September.  I missed it (drat!), and really want badly to find one for the Nerdstrom Collection.

There's one of these enigmatic lil' suckers in the wonderful collection shot below (circled), taken from here:

If any Garamaniac out there has a lead, I'd sure love it if you got in touch!


Custom Garamon by Skinner

If you don't yet know the work of Skinner, you absolutely should; I think the guy is well on his way to ranking right up there with great contemporary psychedelic visionaries like Jim Woodring and Alex Grey.

He's done just a bit of custom toy work, including this M1-GO Garamon which he offered for sale at the recently-held DesignerCon: