Baikin and The Kaiju Factory

The honorable Dennis Hamann (aka Baikin) visits the M1-GO production facility in this pair of eye-opening vids (note the mob of GiD Garamon figures, lined up and ready for a bit of pigmentation, at 3:45 in the first vid):

Very cool stuff...love the turnarounds in the second clip!
Yuji Nishimura, the company prez and the man doing most of the painting in these, is a master of kaiju coloration. A bit alarming to see that he paints with no gloves or respirator, though (at least he's using a hood). For readers who may not know, the paint he's using is a solvent-based stuff (usually V-Color) that actually eats into the vinyl a bit, making the color more permanent.

The always informative Mr. Roger Harkavy (Garden State ambassador to the M1-GO crew at many a Chiller Theater (and, word has it, many a Rutt's Hutt lunch)) tells us: "(The facility) is actually an old hotel, and it's starting to look like a pharaoh's tomb with all of the treasures that are accumulating there."

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Anonymous said...

Yuji's the master and really all the current Kaiju inspired toy companies and artists spring from his vision and dedication to Old Skool Kaiju ...simply awesome video !