Spotlight: Volks 30cm Garamon

As near as I can tell, Volks produced three different Garamon resin kits: a towering (and fairly sculpturally faithful) 40cm, as seen in an earlier post; a 30cm version; and a version produced under the banner of their Orient Heroes Junior line (not sure of the size...anyone?)

The 30cm is a pretty interesting take on the monster...

This one has taken some time to grow on me, since I first spotted pics of it. I dig it now; kinda looks like an elder Garamon (do these creatures, being biomechanical entities, age in a way that's physically noticeable? Paging Semi-Ningen...). The face on it is especially gaunt and hard-edged, and the eyes are smaller, proportionally, than is typical. It's also very densely packed with scales (I would guess 15%-20% more than usual). The fullness and arrangement of the scales around the jaw lend him a quasi-bearded appearance, and there are even little scale nubs creeping out onto the arms.
The time commitment that would be involved in building one frightens me, and keeps me from pursuing an unbuilt kit...

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