PKxBandai mini

PaulKaiju (he being the esteemed customs man mentioned in the earlier Gara-project post) sent me this pic today- he forgot that he actually has one of these, too, and had painted it a while back!

Gotta love it when PK shoots toys atop his display case- makes for a terrific background effect!

He also solved the manufacturer mystery, too- he says it's by Bandai.


Anonymous said...


Do you know where I can buy an ultraman suit (online or otherwise)? Would be great if you can give me some directions.


Nerdstrom. said...

Sorry, Eric, I don't know...maybe someone else will chime in....

ultralex said...

Tsuburaya actually cuts up and destroys the funky Ultra-suits after they're past the point of repairability to prevent collectors from fishing them out of the trash. The many suits that are used for personal appearances (festivals, store promotions, etc.)are sent out under license and carry penalties should they "disappear."