Gara-project: Eye Scream, you scream, we all scream for customizing…

Last year, Eye Scream released 12” counterparts to the stunning 23” Garamon duo they released in 2006 and early 2007. Once again, Ken Yokota handled the sculpt, and did an impeccable job. However, in my humble opinion, the faces on these guys presented a textbook example of how factory paint ops can kill the look of an otherwise completely great toy. Something had to be done!



I called on the talents of the great GK builder/painter John Allred to help with this. I gently heated the neck joint and popped off the head. I then mailed the whole figure to John, along with a pair of 12mm Glastic doll eyes I had picked up. John dremeled out the existing eyes, and plugged in the Glastics. Then he completely reworked the face paint-up, resulting in a hella-realistic new look, blended perfectly with the surrounding factory ops.



Now that’s a Gara-face!

I’ll get the green 12” out to John some time before 2008’s out…though, actually, I may send the Noda-Ya exclusive first. That version is cast in translucent pink GiD vinyl, and I’ve got big, crazy plans for it, including internal LED lighting…but that’s a post unto itself!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Nerdstrom Collection post, where this reworked ES Gary will be shown off in all his glory...

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Matthew Allison said...

Gorgeous! Mr. Allred should be committed...I mean commended.

Wooooot indeed!