Another mind-blower pops up on YJA

Check it out...this wondrous pulp prize is up now:

Waaaaay too cool.
As you might imagine, it's already been bid up into the realm of Serious Coin, with days to go.

Near as I can tell, this must've been for episode 13; one of the illos seems to be showing His Crustiness standing near the dam. The cover seems to note "Ultra Q 19", so I'm not sure what that's about; a Google translation of the auction's brief description (below) gives me little, other than to tell me of the item's "sallowness", and that someone named "Hotchkiss" (?!) is involved.


What if Garamon's last name is Hotchkiss?

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our favorite biomechanical meteorite monster, your friend and mine, Mr. Gary Hotchkiss!"

UPDATE: August checks in:

"I was going to point this out to you, but you already saw it. But,
that Google translation sucks. Here's a real translation:

"Now, here's an original piece, a picture continuity (storyboard)
book. It is inscribed by the owner, and as you can see, there are
minor blotches and the paper has yellowed. It is stapler-bound. There is no writing on any of the 12 pages, and there are no cuts or missing pages. Printed in blue ink."

BTW, "Hotchkiss" is the Japanese term for "Stapler."

Hope this helps!"

It sure does, dude!

Many thanks!


pc said...

Is that a pack of cigarettes being used for scale?

Nerdstrom. said...

Always. This is the standard. Every third thing you look at on YJA has a pack of smokes in the pic for scale...usually Larks.

ultralex said...

The cover image is a bit on the wee side to be conclusive but I'd hazard to say that the illustration is by Ultra-Godfather and Garamon designer Tohl Narita.