Yes, 'twas on September 4th, a scant 42 years ago, that a certain pygmy monster made his first broadcast appearance, on episode 8 of Ultraman, "The Lawless Monster Zone". This friendly animal proved to a be a selfless little hero and an inspiration to all those who came in contact with him. Plus, damn, could he take a dart-tagging. Didn't even flinch!



PaulKaiju arrives at the party with a dee-licious celebratory custom, done just for the occasion!

Matt Allison presents this fine close-up portrait of The Spiny One!

And NORDBOT provides photo-documentation of some very special proceedings (click it)!

Now... let's have some food!

And music!

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Let's DANCE!

Do your thang, Cousin Gary!

And then we'll dance some more!

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Alright... let's bring it on down, now.... shhhhhhhhh...

all this excitement has tuckered out our guest of honor....


Matthew Allison said...


Paulkaiju said...

In 1974, 4:00 pm was Ultraman time. I had already seen pictures and had some toys and posters but had never actually seen the complete series. We did live in San Diego for a few months 1971 and I had accidentally stumbled upon channel six and the episode with DADA, oh man, home alone, scared the crap out of me even though it must have been 8 in the morning. Just as the movie “ The Astro Zombies” affected my ability to go into the Garage at night, DADA was thrown into the mix and suddenly I was afraid to take out the trash in the daylight. If I would have kept watching I could have been treated to him getting his ass kicked by the big silver and red dude. The next episode I saw was the 2 part Gomora episode. “Watch out for that severed tail flopping down the street!” Freaky
So some years later I was pretty much had Japanese toy fever (I actually owned 2) and I was quite delighted to hear channel 52 KWHY would be showing Ultraman and Giant Robot back to back.
Pretty soon this 4 O’clock hour became a daily Father and son regimen. Seemed my Dad, who turned me on to Godzilla at the tender age of 5 (Son of Godzilla floored me) had some catching up to do as well on the Japanese Heroes.
Then pretty much the big WTF.
Science Patrol is on an island full of dangerous man eating vines and a mysterious stalking creature who gets tagged by a balloon dart and dodges ring blasts from the “spider” gun.

“What kind of monkey-man thing was that?”

Pretty soon we lean that that funny monkey-man is actually “Pygmon”. “He’s a friendly Monsta!” the found scientist claimed.
“What the hell is that? He’s a friendly Monsta!”
“It’s some sort of Monkey-Pig-man Dad!”
Then the unexpected…Redking shows up on the scene (We called him “Pinhead”) when Pygmon decides to play “Bait” to lure away from Hyata with some hilarious fast motion film hopping-around, Pygmon gets brained by a boulder. Hyata holds him in his arms while his eyes close and he expires. The balloon which once marked Pygmon, flies free, and is blasted by one of the science patrol as it passes Redking’s face. Really pissing him off.

Now was that all really necessary?
Dad and I are quiet, and full bore shocked.
“Woahhh! The Monkey-Pig-man got killed by Pinhead!”
Hyata becomes Ultraman and whomps Pinhead’s ass proper. Pygmon is avenged Then we are treated to a Funeral for Pygmon. Fade to Black.
At dinner my Father and I are sullen and shocked. We still talk about it to this day.
Chalk up another one for the “lump in throat” inducing childhood TV memories, up there with Kimba’s Mom dying in the sinking ship, Racer X giving his brother a punch in the stomach, and the end of Ultraman’s mission on earth.
Happy 42 Pygmon!

Nerdstrom. said...

What a great remembrance to share here!
Beautiful, man!