Damn, X-Plus...

... you kinda blew it.

What the hell is it with X-Plus? They hire some of the best sculpting talent around... they show preview shots that make their toys look absolutely killer... and then, when they actually hit... ooof.

Sure, a step or two down in quality from the proto shots to the retail piece is always to be expected- but X-Plus paint ops typically range from suck to mediocre, and sadly, the Pygmon is no exception (though, sure, it's on the high side of mediocre). The biggest problem, though, is that X-Plus casts their wickedly overpriced items using a really cheap PVC that seems exceptionally prone to distorting after it comes outta the mold. My feeling is that an essential feature to be expected of any high-end character toy is the ability to stand on its own. Don't ever, ever buy an X-Plus toy and expect it to stand on its own.
Check the feet:

Wow... all this and no articulation?

X-Plus should go back to what they did best- garage kits and cold-cast pre-paint statues.

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