New Gara-tributes

Perusing one of our fave online forums, I spied this JAW-DROPPING custom by NagNagNag mastermind Shigeru-san (look in the belly):

... which brings to life Coop's Violent Caveman Guts piece from a while back; Coop himself has just completed a disgustingly delightful (poor Akiko!) new piece of GaraNag art:

... which references the utterly great, four-eyed version of the NNN released last year.  I've previously covered the other Gara-colored Nag releases, but not the four-eyes, which is not only a tribute to Garamon in its coloration, but also a nod to M1-GO's extremely popular "dolly-eyes" giant Garamon.  Here's a pic (from Coop's Flickr):

But wait, there's more!
The wonderful Kumon, the first toy from the estimable Dennis Hamann/Shirahama, got a one-off Gara-color treatment for last weekend's big show at Thrash Out (pic from GAKYUDO_GOL-B's Flickr):


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