Kaiju For Japan

Kaiju collector and customizer Troy Stith is currently organizing the Kaiju For Japan drive. 
Troy is looking for contributions of custom toys and other original kaiju-related art which will be sold online, with all proceeds being sent directly to the Japanese Red Cross.  Over 55 contributors are on board thus far, including some heavy hitters of the custom kaiju world; it's going to be a great selection of goods! 
The proprietor will be contributing this recently completed Ultraman Max Pygmon:

The details of the sale are still being hammered out (it remains to be seen whether pieces will be posted at fixed prices or auctioned), but Troy has set Thursday, 4/14 as the due date for contributions, and Friday, 4/22 as the date of the sale launch.  I'll post further details as they become available; you can also keep an eye on Troy's blog, or email him directly at troystith at hotmail dot com.

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mew sugoi said...

Hallo, long time no see!

I'm mew and the manager of YAVAI JAN JAPAN eBay Store. Thank you very much praying for, kaiju for Japan! Your pygmon is very cool! The earthquake has been occurring everyday yet.( but my city sapporo is safe...)