Gara-project: Green ES Garamon work completed

Here he is, kids, at last!
Dr. Allred didn’t end up taking a “before” pic this time (you can click on the pic in my last post for a gander at the pre-paint up head), but he did snap these two eerie “Eyeless (but repainted) in Arizona” shots:

And…heeeeeere’s Gary!

If I wore a hat, it would be off to John yet again. He did another super-fine job with everything, especially in producing natural, well-highlighted monster-green skintones.
He ships back to VT on Tuesday…I’m psyched!

Now all that remains is the struggle to get his head back on once he’s here…urgh…

Been a slow week here on Garamania, but don’t worry…I’ve got plenty o’ posts in the hopper! A flurry of Garactivity to come! Stay tuned!

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