Pygmon puppet pics for your perusin' pleasure

Colorado’s own Matt Allison (yes, his aim is true…and yes, he’s part of the Eaten by Ducks crew) sends along shots of a great piece from his own collection. I’ve seen this puppet on YJA a few times, but it’s great to get some nice clear pics of it and a look at the very interesting packaging!

Much thanks, Matt!


ultralex said...

Kawaii~! I've only seen this and the RedKing puppets but the box art shows quite a few more. Do you know if those exist? The sculpts resemble the puppet versions of Ultraman characters from "P-Land," which might have been a theme park attraction...not really sure.

Nerdstrom. said...

Yeah- I'd love to see the others if they exist, particularly the Gyango!

I gotta say that it seems the pics on the box-front (both for this one and the RedKing) were intended to be a bit of bait-and-switch on the youngsters that pulled these off the shelves!

Hhhmmm, P-Land...haven't heard of that before...