Gara-grillin' with Bill

One of the first sites I discovered in the early days of my Garamania was Bill's Kitchen. Bill Gudmundson has been sculpting kaiju and doing pro kit build-ups for a loooong time. His stuff is phenomenal, as a visit to his kitchen will attest.

Just a few days ago, Herr Alex Wald (who also created the image above) hepped me to the fact that Bill has been making licensed resin kits available from many of his sculpts- somehow, I was completely unaware of this! Visit the Resin Chef/Team Ukeke site, and check out the kits on the shop page (second link down).

Bill seems a little dismayed in the pic above, but I'll tell ya- if you're gonna grill Garamon, in-the-garadama is the only way to go. Cooks in its own juices, that way.

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