We interrupt our regularly-scheduled GARAMANIACAL programming...

... to let you know that Miyazaki-san at Atragon G-K has pretty much finished his Garamon kit and it is, unsurprisingly, wonderful.  He really dialed in on some true-to-the-suit details, and also made some very unique interpretive decisions.  Check out the shape of the nose overall, and the nostrils in particular- real grotesque elegance going on.  The strange vertical seam-like impression running down the torso is something I have never picked up on before, and it makes me want to rewatch the Ultra Q Gara-eps again soon, to see if I can discern it.  As ever, he's included the heavy-duty zipper up the back, and the placement of the spikes to the left and right of it is exceptionally well-done, obscuring this great detail just enough to make your eyes want to dig in and find it.  Can't wait to see his paint-up of this beast!

Check out these pics from his recent posts, then head on over to his site to check out the rest.

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