The Becoming of Garamike: Rally Time!

I want to make a special offer to anyone who donates $10 or more to the project over the next 10 days: in addition to items from the first two Backer Rewards packages (shout-out on Garamania and stickers), you will receive the following from the $200 level: have Garamike speak, sing or chant any message of 222 words or less in a video to be broadcast via Garamania and YouTube, or sent privately. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to severely delight and/or vex your family, friends and enemies!
  Years of singing and doing voiceover work have left me with an incurable case of golden throat!  Even the barracuda-like sawtooth dental veneers in the mouth of Garamike won’t stop my sonorous tones from coming through (well, if sonorous is what you want… we could go with guttural or grating, too)! 

What could induce a “WTF!!” fugue-state more efficaciously than a close-up vid of a grotesque meteorite monster croaking out the Bee-Gees’ “More Than a Woman”, reciting a passage from Ulysses, or giving Gara-voice to your own original song or word-creation! 

Operators are (not) standing by… act now


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