Double Walters On The Dime

I have to take a minute to mention that there are two great Walters participating in GARAMANIACAL: header card/video art master Walter Parenton, and someone who just got on board in the last few days, the esteemed sculptor Walter Chauskoskis.

The severely kickass new Garamania header logo above? Walter Parenton delivered that magic, as well as a GARAMANIACAL version that you’ll see here and @ FOE, as we get closer to the show. Full Garamonic salute to Mr. Parenton; awesome work, man.

Chauskoskis has been on fire for a while now; he is perhaps best known for being the clay-pusher being the figural realization of Jeff Lamm’s Greasebat.  (Have you seen his recent Kung Fu-stance, betailed Greasebat custom? WOW…) Walter C. is a major fan of Garamon, I’m delighted to have him on the roster, and I can’t wait to see what he does!

GARAMANIACAL opens Friday, February 10th at FOE Shop & Gallery in Northampton, MA.
Be there as this cozy little corner of the Northeastern US becomes the center of the Garaverse!

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