The latest dispatch from our Chicago desk

Alex sent these new scans over, and he sez:

"Ultra Q 5 DaiKaiju TouJou! (Ultra Q 5 Great Monsters Debut!)
Kodama Manga Series Ultra Q
©1965 (this is not a typo)

Kodama Fonosheet Comic--greatly resembling Asahi Sonorama's Sonosheet releases. These days a licensee has an exclusive on the form as well as the content--it would no longer be possible for two different companies to release a flexi-disc comics of the same property.

This is the usual 16-pager, covers included. I haven't scanned it all--just the Gara-pages. Art is anonymous, likely a studio job, but very much in the style of Jiro (Eight Man) Kuwata."

Oh, and I had a great New Jersey vacation...and arrived home to find a fantastically well-kept copy of Ultra Q Graffiti in my mailbox! Thanks again, Mewsugoi!

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Hobo Divine said...

Thank you for posting these great pieces of art!!!