Gara-custom eye candy for a(nother) rainy Wednesday

The Bert Gatchalian touch on a red blank Bullmark repro:

This is the preview shot Bert sent to me; this guy is currently winging his way east, and more shots of him will be featured in a future Nerdstrom Collection post.

I stumbled across these pics this morn- custom work by yours truly on a Marmit Para-Baby Garamon:

I did this one a few years ago; as far as I know, it still resides in the collection of Carl Kent-Smith.

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Anonymous said...

This beauty has moved on from Karls, to Connells, to Todd Barrett's collection.
Skullbrain: ZombieDaddy
I need to post a new one, but you can see some of my Garafamily under "Show your collection"