The Gara-fashion-conscious... what do they wear?

I have been inundated with such queries since the blog began- tens of thousands* of new converts to Garamania, wondering how they can best represent in the street- how they can fly the colors, as it were.

Well, let's do a brief survey of some of the recent commercially available options...

I think this shirt was an M-78 Shop release, and came in three different colors. This is the best of the bunch, a long-gone purple exclusive for Atmos.

Next, a relatively new one from Bandai, with art by Yoshito Sugawara:

I want to love this one; really, I think it would rule the roost...but for the inclusion of not one, not two, but four lines of charmless, titular/copyright-related text right next to Gary's head.

Now, look, I'm just an unfrozen Garamon collector... the mysterious decisions of t-shirt designers frighten and confuse me... but I DO know that this was a mistake... akin to the ruining of a great joke by poor delivery.

""GARAMON" is GARADAMA monster."


Hell, the whole block of text could've been kept, moved to a sleeve or the back, and the end product would've been worlds better.

Here's what I'm sayin':


Anyway... let's look at a similar but superior design. Here's M-78's exclusive (and recently sold out) Pygmon shirt, produced for the 40th Ultra-anniversary in 2006:

This is a great shirt. I wish it came in another color besides white (say, pink or tan or a very light green), but that's a minor nitpick. I also wish they'd re-release it, as I slept on it for too long and missed out.

Finally... take a look (though it's a bit hard to see, I know) at Takashi Miike's outfit on the set of Ultraman Max, in this pic taken from August Ragone's ultra-essential Eiji Tsuburaya: Master Of Monsters:

Miike in a Garamaniac stylee!

I have actually seen this shirt come up for auction on YJA a couple of times. The design is kinda cool, in a lazy way: basically, it's a shot of a built-up Kaiyodo Garamon kit.

Now, to take it further, into the realm of accessories... you're really too cool for school if you finish things off with this smart pendant:

...or this handsome watch:

*Okay, six.**

**Okay, none.

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