US Toys Garamon, Semi-Ningen & saucer set

Great-looking mini set from US Toys, to be sold in January 2012 at SuperFestival:

To my knowledge, this is the first time all three of these have been packaged together.
I’m not much of a vehicle enthusiast, but the Semi-Ningen spacecraft is an awesome toy (I used it, and the UST Semi-Ningen, in my recreation of Cicada-head’s punitive frying). Super-appealing paint ops on this set, and it looks as though the Garamon may be GiD.


Smashing new Garamon sculpt from X-Plus

Pics of a new Garamon from X-Plus have hit, and sculpturally, it looks like a real winner (as ever, let's see how the paint ops turn out on the production piece... and in any case, let's hope they put this one out in a resin kit version, as they did with their Pygmon). Seems like he will be available with a Garadama or destroyed dam base. Nice!

They really kept this one under wraps until now; I had no clue it was coming.

Interestingly, the late-December release date of this one will roughly coincide with the release of Atragon-GK's Garamon...

UPDATE:  Got some further info on this guy: he's about 15cm (6"), and the dam version will be the shorter-run variant and a bit more expensive.

Butanohana Garamon: painted sample

UPDATE: new pics from the Buta blog!

With fangs (or is it drool?) and a chest symbol:



Banpresto Gary has landed

Hunted this one for a long while; at last he's here and he's freaking GREAT....

Made in China for Banpresto, 2004; 5" tall; seven parts, mostly rigid vinyl but the hands and tail are cast in a soft, rubbery PVC; apparently sold (foot is stamped "NOT FOR SALE") only in a large, blister-carded three-figure pack (the other two were Ultraman and Ultra Seven); flat-out amazing, unique, peculiar sculpt.

I'm thrilled with it in person; it's quickly made my short list of all-time favorite Gara-sculpts.


Marusan Garamon

Yeah, it took me way too long to post on this guy... but here you go, some shots of Marusan's great new Garamon sculpt (which, right off the bat, I like a lot better than their Pygmon sculpt from a few years back).  Here we've got the original clay sculpt, the red first-release version, and the upcoming gold and pink glow releases: