Smashing new Garamon sculpt from X-Plus

Pics of a new Garamon from X-Plus have hit, and sculpturally, it looks like a real winner (as ever, let's see how the paint ops turn out on the production piece... and in any case, let's hope they put this one out in a resin kit version, as they did with their Pygmon). Seems like he will be available with a Garadama or destroyed dam base. Nice!

They really kept this one under wraps until now; I had no clue it was coming.

Interestingly, the late-December release date of this one will roughly coincide with the release of Atragon-GK's Garamon...

UPDATE:  Got some further info on this guy: he's about 15cm (6"), and the dam version will be the shorter-run variant and a bit more expensive.

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