Round-up: interesting Gara-auction pics

hustle55goodjob is at it again- this time with a cool little SD Pygmon:

Someone's unloading a nicely-built pair of Atelier-G1 Garamon kits (the fancy inner-armature ones); dig the  tasty B&W version:

Man alive, this finished 40cm Volks kit is lookin' superb:

This sculpt has a wonderfully sharp interpretive style, and this paint-up (esp. on the face) really does it justice.

(Did I mention my birthday's comin' up?
My birthday's comin' up.)

Another great custom paint-up, this time of a Bandai Pygmon mini (MAJOR improvement on the factory paint ops):

Finally, we end- as it seems we always must- with a pair of Kaiyodo build-ups:

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