Regular YJA seller hustle55goodjob does a hustlin' good job of making Gara/Pyg customs from Bandai mini diorama figures.

Here's Bandai's "Revenge of Garamon" dio:

Here's the big Garamon in front, removed from the base:

... and here's hustle55goodjob's reworking, sitting atop a pedestal with custom-sculpted legs and feet and a great new paint job:

Recently, he's offered a couple reworkings of Bandai's "Lawless Monster Zone" Pygmon diorama.
Here's how the piece looks out of the box:

Here, hustle55goodjob simply did a nice repaint on Pygmon and the diorama landscape:

For this very cute "up, up and away" scenario, he did some extensive figural resculpting as well as a great new paint-up (man, the guy does some great drybrushing on these tiny figures):

Finally, here's the dancin' Pygmon he had up some time ago, featured in an earlier Garamania post:

I'm not really sure what mini he started with for this one... if anyone can enlighten, please chime in.

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