Seablob… the larval stage of Garamon?

Marmit’s (relatively) new Seablob (シーブロブ) toy (an original design, not based on any existent TV or movie kaiju) provides great grist for the mill of this reporter’s Gara-imagination.

It would seem obvious that the sculptor behind this piece was Garamonically inspired.  Look at those spines, that mouth, even the eyes; that it’s called Seablob prompts me to once again call attention to Tohl Narita’s marine inspiration for the original Garamon design.

It’s always fun to speculate on the biomechanical nature of Garamon, and what role the Chirusonians played in the creation and control of the beast.  I like to think that each Garamon is lab-grown (perhaps using DNA material harvested from a species discovered on another planet), with an artificially sped-up life cycle; the mechanical components would be implanted at specific, appropriate stages.*

Seablob looks like a larval-stage Garamon; picture it about 4’ high and 5’ across, sliding around slug-like in the viscous goo of a giant petri dish-type container... a bunch of Semi-Ningen Gara-engineers clustered around it, comparing notes, conferring on the creature’s vitals.

I really dig this piece and think it would make an intriguing addition to any Gara-collection.

*We could even take it a bit further and imagine that the machine implants are actually quasi-biologically transformative, able to be inserted at any stage and “grow” inside the organism as it reaches full maturity.

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