Guy Davis Pygmon! (and Booska too!!)

My pal Maurice hepped me to this super-sweet illo by the great Guy Davis... 'sgreat!

This was a commissioned piece (Maurice actually asked if I was the one who had commissioned it); I asked Guy if he wouldn't mind putting the buyer in touch with me, but he no longer has the person's contact info.  Sooooooo, if you're out there, O Pygmonic Booskonic Illo-Commissioner, please get in touch... I'd love to share your thoughts on the piece here at Garamania!

Also, on a Booska note: have you seen Kaiyodo's Revoltech SF series?  CRAZY mixed bag of characters in the line: Giger's Alien, Daimajin, Baragon... Woody and Buzz from Toy Story (huh???)... and Booska! They're very cool-looking figures, packed with great gimmicks and Revoltech joints; YES, naturally, I have already contacted the division of Kaiyodo that oversees this line to ask them to do a Pygmon or Garamon. 

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