Monster Attack Team #1... it's GARAMANIACAL!

The new issue of Monster Attack Team (tenth published issue, but first under the auspices of Famous Monsters of Filmland, thus labeled #1 for this relaunch- available here) has eight big pages of Gara-writing by and about yours truly! My section kicks off with "RISE, GARAMON", a rather epic article on Garamon and Garamon toys whcih I originally wrote in 2006, then heavily revised and updated when MAT approched me about contributing. There's also an interview I conducted with Ultra-artist extraordinaire and Friend of Garamania, Alex Wald; my personal "origin story" of Garamon fandom; and an interview with me on the topic of Garamike, conducted by my sister Sara.

Check out the opening spread- Jason Edmiston was kind enough to let us use his jaw-dropping "Garamon At Sunset" painting from GARAMANIACAL!

I have yet to get my own copy in-hand- this is truly HOT off the press- but it looks like this mag is CHOCK-FULL of greatness... here's another teaser shot, courtesy of August Ragone: