Monster Attack Team #1... it's GARAMANIACAL!

The new issue of Monster Attack Team (tenth published issue, but first under the auspices of Famous Monsters of Filmland, thus labeled #1 for this relaunch- available here) has eight big pages of Gara-writing by and about yours truly! My section kicks off with "RISE, GARAMON", a rather epic article on Garamon and Garamon toys whcih I originally wrote in 2006, then heavily revised and updated when MAT approched me about contributing. There's also an interview I conducted with Ultra-artist extraordinaire and Friend of Garamania, Alex Wald; my personal "origin story" of Garamon fandom; and an interview with me on the topic of Garamike, conducted by my sister Sara.

Check out the opening spread- Jason Edmiston was kind enough to let us use his jaw-dropping "Garamon At Sunset" painting from GARAMANIACAL!

I have yet to get my own copy in-hand- this is truly HOT off the press- but it looks like this mag is CHOCK-FULL of greatness... here's another teaser shot, courtesy of August Ragone:


Lulu said...

Truly, a must-have, double-bag item.
Congrats Mike, may ガラモン and ピグモン and the late great Forrest J. Ackerman continue to bring joy to all!
From your friends in Northampton, Mass.

Matthew Allison said...

Congrats! That's amazingly cool!

Nerdstrom. said...

Thank you both very much, Lulu and Matt!