Billiken Garamon vinyl model kit

Well, this came as a complete surprise to the Proprietor... Billiken showcased this amazing new Garamon vinyl kit on their SuFes 59 table: 

Word to Kaiju Korner and Kadomium Tank for their always-excellent reportage!


New painted version of Marusan Garamon

Sorry, small pic is all that seems to be available at the moment.
I have a strong like of this sculpt, and I'm sure I'd be more impressed by seeing one in person (at 29cm, this is a BIG, chunktacular Garamon), but something has kept me from loving it... and I'm still not sure what that something is. 



Hartter Garamon

Sean Hartter's burly, simian take on Gary; be sure to check out his reimagined cereal boxes and movie posters, too. 


Built-up, unpainted VOLKS Garamon

This resin model kit, one of the many interesting versions of Garamon from VOLKS, is up now on YJA.

A fixer-upper to be sure, but at 2000 yen, it could be worth the investment, if you have the scraping/puttying/gluing/painting gumption.