New Garamon figures from CCP and Billiken Shokai!

Big Gara-news on the full-size figure front from two heavy hitters in the world of realistically-rendered kaiju sofubi!

First up- you knew they were going to do a Garamon at some point; that day has finally come, and CCP is ready to release a brilliantly-sculpted 30cm Garamon toy.

Dig the knock-kneed stance, faithful to a certain sequence in Gary's first, dam-smashing Ultra Q appearance ("Garadama", original air date 3/27/66):

CCP is also offering a dam accessory base which you can pre-order with the figure for an added cost (full product/ordering details here):

I gotta say, the face is eerily show-accurate on this one; CCP's blog entry on the piece features several shots from the colorized Blu-Ray Ultra Q set, and I have to think that stills from that edition were heavily referenced during the sculpting.

You may recall that I posted about the new Garamon by Billiken Shokai a little while back; more pics have since surfaced on their site:
Looks like there's no firm release date yet, and I'm still not sure if this will be released as a kit, fully-finished figure or both; needless to say, I will keep you posted.

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