CAEx ガラモン

Years ago, Corey A. Edwards bought a Marmit Darkron from me.

Within a few weeks, I began to suffer a seller’s remorse so severe that I got in touch to say that if he ever wanted to part with the toy, he should hit me up first, as I would snatch it back in a heartbeat.  Thereafter, I made a steady annoyance of myself, checking in with him about it every few months, until one day he caved and sold big D back to me. In the box I received, along with the toy, was a hilarious little note “from Darkron”, expressing his distress over my selling him to the “… bad man, who displayed me with much cheaper, inferior vinyls!”

Corey is also a big Garamon fan, has great toy-taste in general, and takes amazing photos.  Here is one of his Garatastic shots, but you really must peruse all of his other offerings.

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